Since there is quite a number of reverb pedals out there in the music market, it becomes difficult finding the best of the reverb pedals. Guitarists usually have conflicting ideas about the best reverb pedals because of the different variety of reverb pedals. You will find that one reverb pedal may have varied reviews from different users. Therefore, in order to get the best reverb pedal, we shall look at number of reverb pedals which are currently trending in the market. We then shall look at some brief analysis on the reverb pedals which can be considered to be of the best quality. To find the best reverb pedal, factors like reverb pedal price, reverb pedal feature, price of the reverb pedal and the level of customer satisfaction are usually taken into consideration. Currently, the top reverb pedals in the market are

1. TC electronic HOF mini reverb pedal

2. TC electronic Hall of fame reverb pedal

3. Electro-harrnonix holy grail Nano reverb pedal

4. Boss RV5 digital reverb 5. Earth quake devices dispatch master delay 6. Reverb guitar effects pedal

From the above list, two we are going to look at two that stand out from the rest. This are the TC electronic HOF mini reverb pedal and the Electro-harmonix holy grail Nano reverb pedal.

  1. TC electronic HOF mini reverb pedal( from TC electronics) Things that make this reverb pedal from the others include: – It is currently the cheapest in the market. -This reverb pedal has tone print editor which helps users to create their own customized tone print pedal -The reverb pedal is small -This reverb pedal is equipped with big reverb sounds. Has different reverb sounds.
  2. Electro-harmonix holy grail Nano reverb pedal Things that make this reverb pedal from the others include: Has some interesting bypass technology ensuring supremacy of the tone -Has excellent spring reverb effects -This reverb pedal has a smooth hall reverb feature -The reverb pedal also comes with a power supply

Having briefly looked at the two reverb pedals, one would wonder how they can choose a reverb pedal that best suits them. In order to select the best reverb pedal, always consider the following:

1. Be in a position to determine how wet or dry the tone of your guitar sounds

2. Ensure that the volume of the reverb pedal does not differ when turned on or off

3. A good reverb pedal should sound similar to that of your guitar

4. Delay effects and echoes should be working correctly

5. The bouncing sound reflections should be rich and with deep reverb 6. Going through as many reverb pedals reviews will always give you an upper hand when looking for the best reverb pedal.

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